Gaza Situation – hour by hour



  • Rumint: Possible Isreali war on several fronts could happend next hours/days. 


Leader of Hezbollah: If #Israel starts a war in Gaza, assets in Lebanon and Syria will retaliate by striking Tel-Aviv. 


Shehab news agency: Cabinet meeting earlier rejected truce deal and decided to strike Hamas hard

Israel’s cabinet has moved to underground bunker for meetings now.

Yet more rocket sirens in Southern Israel right now

Yet more rocket sirens in Southern Israel right no

Live update : Iran – Israel just before War?


Rumint : Israeli figher jets to strike another Iranian aims tonight

: Large amount of Russian reinforcements and build up including a lot of spetsnaz, officers, sailors aboard Russian BSF Ropucha class LSTM Azov 151 during its Syria-bound transit heading to Russian Naval port in Tartous City,

Urgent: Israeli warplanes just entered Lebanese Airspace and passed over Beirut City at low altitude, unknown heading  

Iran – Israel War Will Break Next weeks?


Not that there was much doubt who was behind it, but two days after „enemy” warplanes attacked a Syrian military base near Hama on Sunday, killing at least 11 Iranians and dozens of others, and nobody had yet „claimed responsibility” the attack, US officials told NBC that it was indeed Israeli F-15 fighter jets that struck the base, NBC News reported.

Ominously, the officials said Israel appears to be preparing for open warfare with Iran and is seeking U.S. help and support.

„On the list of the potentials for most likely live hostility around the world, the battle between Israel and Iran in Syria is at the top of the list right now,” said one senior U.S. official.

The US officials told NBC that Israeli F-15s hit Hama after Iran delivered weapons to a base that houses Iran’s 47th Brigade, including surface-to-air missiles. In addition to killing two dozen troops, including officers, the strike wounded three dozen others. The report adds that the U.S. officials believe the shipments were intended for Iranian ground forces that would attack Israel.

Meanwhile, as we reported yesterday, the Syrian army said early on Monday that „enemy” rockets struck military bases belonging to Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime. According to several outlets, the strikes targeted the 47th Brigade base in the southern Hama district, a military facility in northwestern Hama and a facility north of the Aleppo International Airport.

Meanwhile, Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said on Tuesday that Israel on Tuesday morning had four problems, one more than the day before: „Iran, Iran, Iran and hypocrisy.” The comment came one day after Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu „revealed” a cache of documents the Mossad stole from Iran detailing the country’s nuclear program, which however critics said were i) old and ii) not indicative of Iran’s current plans.

„This is the same Iran that cracks down on freedom of expression and on minorities. The same Iran that tried to develop nuclear weapons and entered the [nuclear] deal for economic benefits,” Lieberman said.

“The same Iran is trying to hide its weapons while everyone ignores it. The state of Israel cannot ignore Iran’s threats, Iran, whose senior officials promise to wipe out Israel,” he said. “They are trying to harm us, and we’ll have a response.

Iran’s Defense Minister Amir Khatami threatened Israel on Tuesday, saying it should stop its „dangerous behavior” and vowing that the „Iranian response will be surprising and you will regret it.” Khatami’s remarks came Following Netanyahu’s speech which Khatami described as Israeli „provocative actions,” and two days after the strikes in Syria.

Meanwhile, in a potential hint at the upcoming conflict, Haaretz writes that two and a half weeks after the bombing in which seven members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards were killed at the T4 base in Syria, Israel is bracing for an Iranian retaliation for the Syrian strikes (and if one isn’t forthcoming, well that’s what false flags are for).

As Haaretz writes, the Iranians’ response, despite their frequent threats of revenge, is being postponed, screwing up Iran’s war planning. It’s also possible that as time passes, Tehran is becoming more aware of the possible complex consequences of any action. Still, the working assumption of Israeli defense officials remains that such a response is highly probable.

The Iranians appear to have many options. Revenge could come on the Syrian border, from the Lebanese border via Hezbollah, directly from Iran by the launch of long-range missiles, or against an Israeli target abroad. In past decades Iran and Hezbollah took part, separately and together, in two attacks in Argentina, a suicide attack in Bulgaria and attempts to strike at Israeli diplomats and tourists in countries including India, Thailand and Azerbaijan.

In any case, Lebanon seems all but out of bounds until the country’s May 6 parliamentary elections, and amid Hezbollah’s fear of being portrayed as an Iranian puppet. The firing of missiles from Iran would exacerbate the claims about Tehran’s missile project a moment before a possible U.S. decision on May 12 to abandon the nuclear agreement. Also, a strike at a target far from the Middle East would require long preparation.

For now, an Israeli war with Iran in Syria is far from inevitable: the clash of intentions is clear: Iran is establishing itself militarily in Syria and Israel has declared that it will prevent that by force. The question, of course, is whether this unstable equilibrium will devolve into a lethal escalation, or if it will somehow be resolved through peaceful negotiation. Unfortunately, in the context of recent events, and the upcoming breakdown of the Iran nuclear deal, the former is looking like the most likely outcome.

Source: CNN, other.

NATO Chief: US, Allies’ Strikes on Syria Were ‚Signal’ for Syria, Russia, Iran


NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has commented on last week’s missile launch, carried out by the US, the UK and France. His remarks are simply astonishing.

„This operation was aimed at reducing the ability of Damascus to use chemical weapons, the United Nations’ investigation of the chemical weapons use was impeded by Russia. This is a clear signal to the Assad regime, Russia and Iran,” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg was quoted as saying by the Turkish NTV channel.

He also noted that NATO does not oppose a political dialogue with Moscow.

„We were pleased to receive the support that was provided to this operation from Turkey,” the NATO Secretary General reportedly stated.

On April, 14, the US, the UK and France launched rocket attacks on Syrian government facilities which they believe are used to produce chemical weapons. From 3:42 a.m. to 5:10 a.m. Moscow time they released over 100 missiles on Syria, most of which were shot down by Syrian air defenses.

Syria Situation ( Refresh Page!)




No strikes today.


‚s state TV tells everyone not to panic, but nonetheless provides handy guidance on „What to take to the bomb shelter.”



Russian Defense Ministry public advisory council member Igor Korotchenko: „Trump has to understand that we’re going to be talking about the possibility of nuclear escalation if we have a collision of the U.S. and Russian militaries”


“Any Russia-U.S. military clash will expand beyond a local conflict and a confrontation will be inevitable.” –
Retired Lt. Gen. Yevgeny Buzhinsky (former chief of the Russian Defense Ministry’s international department)


clean space


A U.S. military official indicated that in the event of Iranian missile strikes against Israel, „we will have fighting forces moving within 72 hours”.


: , And will start their military operation against targets. They’ll targeting some important military positions such as Military airports and Arsenals . The coalition will focus on 3 main cities ( , ,)


French president has put fighter jets currently based at the Saint-Dizier – Robinson Air Base on alert in preparation for any needed participation for airstrikes on


4 x US Navy E-6Bs up – all on miscoded transponders!





Top Russian officials and essential government personnel ordered to command and control bunkers at locations beneath the Ural mountains, effective immediately.


Rumint :  Reports of a large number of US strategic bombers arriving in UK Cambridgeshire







Nikki Haley now speaking before the UN vote. Says US proposal is the „bare minimum”. Says Russian proposal allows Russia to choose the investigators and would not be independent. Says we can not delay any longer.


‘Crucial crossroads’: Beijing warns against military intervention in Syria


The notice above is now being re-transmitted throughout Europe:

Please note that E A S A has issued ‘ Rapid Alert Notification for Eastern Mediterranean / Nicosia FIR area’ stating that:

Due to the possible launch of air strikes into Syria with air-to-ground and / or cruise missiles within the next 72 hours, and the possibility of intermittent disruption of radio navigation equipment, due consideration needs to be taken when planning flight operations in the Eastern Mediterranean / Nicosia FIR area. ’

Aircraft operators are invited to check any relevant NOTAMs

NMOC Brussels


Israeli army has been put on high alert in Northern Israel near Syrian & Lebanese borders ahead of feared retailation by Iran & Hezbollah for attributed Israeli strike in Syria & ahead of possible military actions by America.


weather conditions and overall situation is not perfect for any kind of strike today. 50-60% of chances for strike today.


Standby for high precedence traffic noted on 8992kHz


US military officials: All necessary assets (ships, warplanes, and cruise missiles) are in place, armed and ready to attack Syria. Orders from President Trump are now expected „anytime.” Latest breaking news


Interfax: Second US plane in a day conducts reconnaissance near Russian bases in Syria.


Within Syria : ” Weather took a bad turn over the Syrian coast, this will effect all sides for sure … talking about rain and lightnings some wind”


Eurocontrol has issued a Rapid Alert Notification for the Eastern Mediterranean area due to potential airstrikes occurring within 72 hours.



US Navy San Antonio-class amphibious transport dock USS New York (MMSI:369970522) is on the move



RuAf T154B2 from Moscow, Russia to Baltimore, USA & Back on Same day: 10 April. There must be someone very special on that Flight. May be a General of Russian armed forces with some eye opening warnings for Donald Trump.






IDF is reportedly on high alert in northern as regional tensions soar with SYRIA


NATO Sec. General Jens Stoltenberg said in an interview with NRK Dagsrevyen tonight, there will be a sharp reaction from the US within the next 24 hours. He also said NATO is in close consultations with the US and other NATO countries on the reaction to the chemical weapons attack in Syria.


1:14 PM EDT — „Doomsday Plane” (Boeing E-4B Nightwatch) in the air now…


1:35 PM EDT — US Ambassador to NATO has told me President Assad is guilty of “genocide” and military action would be “an appropriate response”


On military action the Ambassador said this:

“I believe a military response, taking out perhaps some of the places where these missions are taking place – the bases from which they’re flying to drop chemical weapons – I think that would be an appropriate response.”




NATO Sec. General Jens Stoltenberg said in an interview with NRK Dagsrevyen tonight, there will be a sharp reaction from the US within the next 24 hours. He also said NATO is in close consultations with the US and other NATO countries on the reaction to the chemical weapons attack in Syria.


2:00 PM EDT — Russian jets buzz American and French warships near the Syrian coast line. The jets were fully armed with missiles.

Serious developments have taken place overnight concerning the ongoing situation in Syria. ALL of my former colleagues in the Intelligence Community tell me the United States, the United Kingdom, and France have placed their Middle East military units on ALERT for what most believe will be a SUSTAINED US/UK/France direct attack against Syria commencing as early as tonight! This article will be LIVE UPDATED throughout today (Tuesday, 10 April 2018).

British Air Force units on Cyprus are openly being loaded with bombs, missiles and ammunition. The Russian Baltic Fleet has declared a Combat Alert. Russian strategic bombers are in the air over the Mediterranean Sea, loaded with air-to-ship cruise missiles and the Russian Air Force is conducting heavy Combat Air Patrols throughout the region.

This situation is like a huge pile of dynamite waiting for a spark to explode into direct war between Russia, the US/NATO and regional powers in the Middle East.

Russia, the only nation with permission from the Syrian government to be in that country, has told the US/UK & France they will NOT ALLOW another attack upon their ally, Syria. Russia has made clear that it will counter-attack; shooting down any missiles launched at Syria, shooting down any aircraft attacking Syria, then further attacking any Navy ship which launched such missiles and air bases from which attacking planes were launched!

The US/UK/France claim that a Chemical Weapons attack was perpetrated 4 days ago against innocent civilians in a suburb of Damascus called east Ghouta. The attack ALLEGEDLY involved Chlorine Gas and possibly a Nerve Agent.

Reports vary, saying between 40 and 161 civilians were KILLED and upwards of 1,000 others injured.

Will North Korea trigger test till Olimpics?


Question is right, neither the answer.

Zhou Youguang: Why Google honours him today


Described as „the father of Pinyin”, or Chinese phonetic language, and hailed as the man who simplified Chinese, Zhou Youguang would have been 112 this Saturday.

In his honour, Google is changing its logo in 12 countries to a doodle, or illustration, of him and his contribution to Chinese language.

This is his story:

Love for China

  • „Bring light to the world”. Born in Changzhou in 1906, Zhou Youguang showed interest in linguistics at the early age of 12; he graduated from high-school with honours.

  • Named Zhou Yaoping, he adopted the pen name „Yougang” because he wanted to „bring light” to the world.
  • Hard road to university. In 1923, Zhou enrolled the university of St. John’s University, Shanghai. He was not able to attend because of financial woes, but friends and relatives raised the admission fee and helped him pay for tuition.
  • He graduated in 1927, majored in economics and took supplementary coursework in linguistics.
  • Sino-Japanese war. In 1933, he married Zhang Yunhe. He moved to Japan to continue his studies, but returned in 1937, at the start of the Sino-Japanese war.
  • After the Japanese were defeated in 1945 at the end of World War Two, Zhou worked in Sin Hua bank where he was stationed overseas, first in New York City and then in London.
  • „Modern, resurgent China”. In 1949, he returned after the establishment of Communist China, excited to take part in a resurgent country. „We all thought that China had a very good opportunity to develop; we didn’t expect the later turmoil. History misled us,” Zhou told the Guardian.
  • Back in China, he taught economics at Fudan University in Shanghai. However, his path did not lead him to remain as an economist.


Trump attacks US courts


US President Donald Trump is still insisting that any immigration reform must include funding for a border wall with Mexico.

It comes a day after a federal judge blocked the government from ending protection for undocumented immigrants who were brought to the US as children.

Al Jazeera’s Kimberly Halkett reports from Washington.

Source :

Hungary retrial highlights ‚vilification of refugees’


Hungarian courts have extended the retrial of a Syrian refugee who was convicted of „an act of terror” after an altercation with police on the Hungary-Serbia border crossing in 2015.

The refugee, identified as Ahmed H, was give a 10-year prison sentence in November 2016 after a conviction based on Hungary’s anti-terrorism law – which Amnesty International calls „vague” – for throwing stones at Hungarian police, using a megaphone to speak to the crowd of refugees on the border and allegedly helping to open a gate that allowed refugees to cross the frontier.

The trial will resume on March 14, with a verdict expected on March 19. The verdict was originally expected to be delivered on Friday.

Eda Seyhan, Amnesty International’s campaigner on counter-terrorism in Europe, told Al Jazeera over the phone from Hungary that his conviction was an indicator of the anti-refugee stance of the Hungarian government.

„It’s important to note that these things are very mixed, the vilification of refugees and migrants and the ramping up of anti-terrorism laws,” Seyhan said.

In June, an appeals court ordered a retrial, saying that not all evidence may have been considered in the first trial.

Source :

UN concerned as government attacks intensify


Civilians continue to die, victims of the Syrian government’s intensified attacks on rebel-held areas in the Damascus suburb.

More than 85 civilians have been killed in the past 12 days.

Speaking on his first visit to Syria, the UN’s humanitarian chief, Mark Lowcock, said he’s deeply worried about civilians in Idlib and Eastern Ghouta.

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NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has commented on last week's missile launch, carried out by the US, the UK and France. His remarks are...
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