Hungarian courts have extended the retrial of a Syrian refugee who was convicted of „an act of terror” after an altercation with police on the Hungary-Serbia border crossing in 2015.

The refugee, identified as Ahmed H, was give a 10-year prison sentence in November 2016 after a conviction based on Hungary’s anti-terrorism law – which Amnesty International calls „vague” – for throwing stones at Hungarian police, using a megaphone to speak to the crowd of refugees on the border and allegedly helping to open a gate that allowed refugees to cross the frontier.

The trial will resume on March 14, with a verdict expected on March 19. The verdict was originally expected to be delivered on Friday.

Eda Seyhan, Amnesty International’s campaigner on counter-terrorism in Europe, told Al Jazeera over the phone from Hungary that his conviction was an indicator of the anti-refugee stance of the Hungarian government.

„It’s important to note that these things are very mixed, the vilification of refugees and migrants and the ramping up of anti-terrorism laws,” Seyhan said.

In June, an appeals court ordered a retrial, saying that not all evidence may have been considered in the first trial.

Source : aljazeera.com


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